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Made to Measure Curtains Sumptuous, stylish and luxurious, there is nothing quite like a pair of made to measure curtains for adding a bit of luxury to your home. Swept dramatically across your window or pooled generously on the floor they have the potential to transform any room in an instant. Our curtains are made to the very highest standards using only top quality designer fabrics and linings from the UK's leading fabric suppliers.
Pencil Pleats Probably the most common pleat as they are neat, practical and work well with both tracks and poles. Pencil pleats also work with virtually all types of curtain fabric, making them extremely flexible. You can choose exactly how high you want the heading to extend above the track or pole – the higher you go, the more luxurious it looks.
Eyelet Heading Less formal than pinch pleats, eyelet headings have a contemporary feel. When the curtain is closed they create a soft, curving fold down the fabric and need far less material than other types of pleat. Eyelet headings only work with curtain poles, which should ideally be fitted at least 15cm above the window.
Pinch Pleats Pinch pleats give an elegant, classic look that’s perfect for formal rooms. The pleats themselves are usually in groups of three separated by a space which opens up when the curtain is closed. When the curtain is opened the pleats create neat, clean folds down the fabric. Pinch pleats work equally well on tracks or from rings on a pole.
Goblet Pleats Elegant and sophisticated, goblet pleats create a striking look and are ideal for use with longer windows. Choose rich jacquard or tapestry fabrics and combine them with lavish rope ties for a truly luxurious look. Perfect for creating a striking interior!
Why not try Banding? This modern, flexible style is perfect if you want to mix two or more fabrics in your curtains. Banding involves combining a number of complementary fabrics to create something unique. The result is as imaginative and individual as you make it.
Tab Tops Tab Top curtain are a laid back, casual style of curtain heading. Created by making straps from your curtain fabric which the pole slips through. This style of curtain is the perfect choice for a relaxed sitting room, a kitchen or even child’s room.
Ready Made Collections Creating a fabulous interior can be confusing. Wouldn’t it be good if there were a simple way to get a stunning co-ordinated look that suited your style and your budget? You can - it’s called iLiv and it’s the smart way to inspired interiors. At the heart of iLiv are ten stunning collections of fabric, curtains, bed linen, wallpaper, rugs, wall art and more, all of which work beautifully together. But that’s only half the story. Iliv also includes a bespoke furnishing service so you can create unique blinds and curtains. Just pick a fabric you love and leave the rest to us. Three of the collections are listed below, to view the entire range please click on the iliv logo.
Palladio Timeless and classical, the Palladio Collection combines elegant damasks and stripes layered with a range of shimmering textures.
Henley Bring a new twist to country living with the timeless Henley collection, Inspired by the countryside and English gardens.
Birdhouse An enchanting collection featuring endearing owls and birds in brightly patterned houses amongst woodland flowers and trees.